With headquarters in Yokohama, Japan, the Nissan Motor Company Ltd produces and sells three major brands: Nissan, Datsun, and Infiniti. Though the sixth largest car maker in the world, it is the leading electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer. The Nissan Leaf has become a standard for what a plug-in car can offer and it has inspired massive changes in the industry. As Japan's first car builder, it has continued to be at the edge of innovation, comfort, and affordability.

It all began in 1914 with the DAT, an acronym of the company investors' surnames. Though trucks and small passenger cars were produced for both the private sector and the military, it wasn't until 1934 that the name Nissan was widely used. The name comes from the Tokyo Stock Exchange which shortened the name of the holding company Nihon Sangyo. Though they had a rocky start, Nissan has been an integral player in the American automotive industry since the 1950s.

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