Swiss race car driver, Louis Chevrolet, began the Chevrolet Motor Company in 2011. The first model was introduced in New York in 1913, as an alternative to the famous Model T. Since then, Chevrolet has become part of General Models and has produced a number of iconic cars throughout its history, namely the Camaro and the Corvette. Their ingenuity continues to be remarkable. As years pass, the varied vehicles that are produced by Chevy are known for their high quality and safety standards. In fact, in 2016, Chev autos the most J.D. Power initial quality awards.

Chevrolet sedans, pickups, and SUVs are known for their cost efficiency. By combining their powerful engine, especially the Chevy small-black engine, with functional design, these automobiles have captures the hearts of American for generations. Models will last for thousands of miles, as long as they are properly maintained. This is why our mechanics here at SRQ Auto are ACDelco certified, the official parts of all GM cars and trucks.

In fact, our mechanics provide more than just service and maintenance. We also sell and install lift kits for light trucks. So if you want that extra boost off the ground, we are your one-stop shop. Purchasing used and certified pre-owned can be just the ticket you need to owning your own Chevy today. Come by, seven days a week, to try out the cars that have become a staple on the road.